"I was born in northern Germany and took my theological education in Vienna, Zurich, and Munich. I taught religious education and philosophy at the high-school level in Germany when my children were small.

My family has always been involved in Jewish-Christian relations, and therefore I accepted a position as Director of the Holocaust Study Program in Nes Ammim, the only Christian kibbutz in Israel.

Good things in Church often enough happen around tables: at the kitchen table in our house on a kibbutz in Israel, a visitor from the U.S. told us that their Lutheran church needed pastors who speak Spanish (which I speak fluently).  'There are Spanish-speaking Lutherans?' I asked.  True enough.  I came for the interview and was asked to serve in Hudson County.  I have been at Good Shepherd in Weehawken since 1995.  There is something very beautiful and helpful in worshiping with different people and in different languages."

Peace indeed,

Pastor Birgit Solano