David Smyth, Musical Director

Good Shepherd has been fortunate for many years to have both members and organists who are committed to preserving the Lutheran heritage of abundant and moving music as an integral and important part of worship. Although our choir has been through different configurations of size and vocal range, the choristers and our organists have always been rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done and with the enthusiastic appreciation of the congregation. Our current organist and choir director, David Smyth, has been instrumental in guiding us through an extensive renovation of the church's 90-year old pipe organ. We are grateful for the talent and dedication with which David has brought beauty to the church and to the spirits of all who worship here.


Our choir meets for rehearsals Sunday mornings at 1:30pm, plus several other times when preparing for special worship services, such as Christmas and Easter.  Everyone is welcome to join.  For more information, please contact the church and we will have our musical director, David Smyth, contact you.  Or please speak with David directly after the service.