Every Friday evening at 8:00pm / Cada viernes a las 8:00pm

SILENT PRAYER (sometimes called Centering Prayer, Meditation, or Contemplation) is one way to worship God.  There are many other ways to pray.

SILENT PRAYER is above all listening. No training is needed. Everyone can listen. It is like listening to a good friend.

SILENT PRAYER gives God and us a chance (space, time . . .)

We begin with:

- Finding a quiet room with enough space to site comfortably on our prayer stools (taking off shoes, hats, jewelry . . . whatever distracts).

- Sitting straight so we can breathe freely and positioning our opened hands so they can rest.

- A candle or some flowers in the center of the circle can help us to focus; we keep our eyes half shut.

- We follow our breathing (breathing in - I let go / breathing out - I smile) or choose a sacred word to repeat (for example: Sha-lom, Mara-natha, Lord-Jesus, Have Mercy, Thank-You . . .)

- There will always be noise and distractions - notice them, then let them go. They don't concern you.

We end with:

- A gong, a bell . . . a gently said "Amen" and wait a while to let everyone come back.

- We share.